Why you need to follow more people on Instagram

Speaking about the taboo subject, a majority of us shy away from.


Okay, let’s get super real here. Why is there this unspoken law of following minimal people on Instagram or virtually none? Let’s go through the “reasons” (*cough* or so-called-excuses *cough*) that I have heard on my 2-3 years on Instagram. “Oh it’s just what people do” is it really? Another one of my favourites is “oh it makes my ratio look good”. But when does following minimal people become ridiculous? Well from a fellow Instagrammer who has kicked this trend to the virtual kerb, I will share my view.

Working on Instagram all the time I find myself constantly being visually stimulated to a certain amount of content, and the less content I follow the more confined my creativity becomes. I basically felt like I had one book and I was constantly flipping through the same pages always and forever. Don’t get me wrong here, the people I follow are magical and majestic in all forms but at some stage where do I validate the fact they will be the only people I follow? I might be getting too philosophical here with this virtual platform a lot of us call home but when I had friends un-follow me to “keep-that-ratio” I wasn’t offended or mentally destroyed at all in fact most of the times I didn’t notice. It wasn’t until I went on few fellow fashion bloggers Instagram pages did I see the under 1000 followers some even maintain 100. I come across amazing content everyday and I follow asap because they inspire me and hopefully one day I will inspire them. So I’ve turned a page in my Instagram story and turned on my love for something new again.

I say out with the old ration and in with the new, let loose ladies I invite you to follow those who inspire you and break the 1000 following seal? Can you do it? I dare you! Let me know if you’ll take this pledge in the comments below #breakthe1000

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