#TALK Website vs. No Website

Should you be investing time in a website over Instagram? 


Before the world of social media there was bloggers who would write about their thoughts daily on Blogspot, Tumblr or other website like platforms. I also started writing about fun fashion adventures I had when interning on Blogpost before I even had Instagram. Now I’m currently on Tumblr – where I host an independent domain on their platform the reason I do this is because I have an existing audience on Tumblr and I am very familiar with it. But why are websites so important and as a fashion influencer should you have one? Simple answer yes – why? see my top reasons below

1. Platforms Are Volatile

All platforms are volatile. We only witnessed the collapse of Vine and one day that could be Instagram. It’s never a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket! Basically – make sure to keep yourself updated on the ins & outs of the platforms you use.

2. Own Your Name

On Instagram you don’t own your name, imagine it like you are in a warehouse and someone has invited you in to set up your creative space. Now you put all your heart and soul into this creative space but you don’t own the warehouse – so in the end of the day you aren’t secure. That’s why having a website is so important – you register your domain & your business name – now it’s yours. Google has a great service for setting up domains – check it out here.

3. Expand Your Brand

You can’t expand your brand on Instagram – especially when you are limited to one picture every so hours (that’s if you schedule yourself). You learn so much from having your own website on how to fully execute an idea and further yourself in your field. You build an epic online portfolio that is your own and there’s nothing more impressive then that when you want to make this your career.

4. You’re Not Just An Account

With more people flooding into Instagram trying to make money – just having an Instagram account isn’t enough anymore. You really are just an account sadly – yes your content may be unique and your own but so is everyone else’s? So how do you give yourself a competitive edge? A website. You can show your work in more in-depth and stand out further.


5. Just Do It

People say it’s hard or it’s a work in progress – but just like everything in life no one is perfect. And there is nothing wrong with a basic blog – my layout is very simplistic and easy to obtain. You don’t need a huge skill set for websites anymore, it’s getting easier and easier everyday.


Another note is to remember to embrace change & new things when on the Internet. If there is anything the evolution of the iPhone has taught us is that technology changes – so we need to adapt. I’ll soon be moving platforms and I’m excited for it. Will you make the leap or have you already? Let me know below!