Fashion bloggers everyday share their styling tips from how to wear a little black dress to what designer bag to invest in. But what is the best way to balance the best of both worlds?


Let’s be honest here – there is one thing that happens when you start fashion blogging that is undeniable. You start receiving free goods and soon enough your wardrobe becomes something it once wasn’t. Yes your dream wardrobe – but I’m going to tell you the truth I can’t afford everything I am given so I always feel that you gotta mix it up. I know the factor of affordability and accessibility isn’t a priority for some fashion bloggers or people who love fashion in general. That’s a-okay because everyone’s journey in fashion and in life is different. So I’m sharing my perspective on how to balance both worlds and why I do it.

I find the best way to balance high end and affordable is by remembering these key points

Would I Buy It?

Now like I said just before I am not be able to afford all the items I a gifted but ideally my future self will. Before I had a blog I would save up or hunt through eBay to find my favourite designer pieces –┬ánow I am gifted them through blogging occasionally. (I do still buy clothing!)


Quality of product is always important – just because it’s expensive or affordable doesn’t mean it’s good quality. Isn’t that the beauty of fashion though? Discovering new products from all across the spectrum with different prices ranges. That’s why I love fashion blogging so much because we can share our finds with our audience and fellow fashion community.

Will it relate?

We all evolve and change in life and the same applies to fashion. One moment your shopping here and the next there – you change from how-to to aspirational. I think it’s important to figure out where you stand with each post to make sure that your on point each time.

Anyways these three points help me when putting together my blog posts – let me know in the comments how you balance both or maybe you are onto one extreme.