#TALK: Monochrome vs. Colour

Let’s talk it out – I know it’s a touchy subject for many fashion bloggers out there but we need to know, what are you?


A monochrome girl or a colour girl?




Yes the time has come to talk it out and see what the benefits and cons are of the extreme ends of the fashion blogging spectrum. As you can probably tell by my pros and cons I am more favourable of the idea of colourful blogging and I explain why below!

Monochrome Blogger

Image: Tumblr

Image: Tumblr



– Create a familiarity of content (basically you know what you are going to see each time you open their feed)

– Simple and easy to communicate your vision

– Safety, you can never go wrong with black and white.

– Consistency



– You fly under the radar, without colour you are not taking risks. You know what they say the higher the risk the greater the reward

– No surprises, well let’s just say you aren’t going to see a any colour other than black & white anytime soon

– Can lose the moment, when everything is monochrome it can be harder to communicate the vibrancy of the moment

– Restricting yourself, life is in colour and trying to exclude it can waste away some of your life’s beauty.


Personal opinion – I honestly tried to do that black and white vibe and it wasn’t my jam. I was too restricted and felt I couldn’t let my creative juices flow. I’ve always seen fashion as a broad spectrum of life and vibrancy, just like you see each fashion week. And I feel being just monochrome really robs yourself of that beautiful experience of trying something new, getting into the guts of fashion.

Colourful Blogger

Image: sproutsocial.com

Image: sproutsocial.com



– You take risks, when it’s more colourful your feed your more likely to try a new print or colour pushing you further into new fashion experiences.

– You learn, you learn what works. Playing with colour can be tricky, sometimes you can hit or miss a mark but you grow each time from these fashion lessons.

– Vibrancy, everything is just a tad more full of life.

– Get noticed, when you are in colour everyone notices you.



– Bold mistakes, just as I mentioned taking risks can have it’s downside but hey at least you tried.

– Sometimes a bit over the top, yes colour is awesome but don’t forget to add a little balance.

– Hiding behind colour, remember to let you shine through

– I honestly can’t think of a fourth one – let me know in the comments if you do!


Personal opinion I love colour it’s such a beautiful gift the world has given us to witness and to deprive ourselves of it for aesthetic on Instagram is a confusing notion for myself to grasp. I lean more towards colour and embrace it with open arms and yes it may not always be perfect but that’s what I feel a true journey of fashion exploration is.

Let me know your thoughts below! 

  • Love this post! I’ve never thought of it this way before. I’m definitely a color girl! My Instagram is super vibrant and doesn’t match but it’s me and reflective of me and I love colors and variety. Just like you, I love to experiment with clothes and sometimes by the end of the day I may decide that my outfit doesn’t work, but hey I tried!


    • Love your comment and totally agree with you – it reflects our reality and how we are! Love it girl! x