Statement Tops & You

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Want to know what I am head over heels for at the moment? Sparkly tops – I guess you could call it a statement top phase. A lot of the times when stylists or fashion lovers talk about adding something new or different to your daily outfit, they mention statement jewellery or shoes but what about a top? Seriously statement tops is soo a thing – it’s a great way to try out patterns or materials you might have not before. So in this post I’ve mixed in this fab Backstage Clothing and did you know they are made in Australia? That’s a pretty cool fun fact! Now my top 5 statement tops are below – let me know if there is anything below that tickles your fancy.

The Metallic Top for an Inter-Galatic Kinda Gal


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The Go Further with a Graphic Gal


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A Little Print On Me Gal

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Let me know your fave top below!