Sage Hotel Brisbane – Oh What A Night

Come and experience Brisbane with me at Sage Hotels, James Street.

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What a beautiful week it was to visit and stay at the Sage Hotel on James St, Brisbane. Not only is the location one of the best in Brisbane for those who love to shop local fashion, food & art but it’s only a stones throw away from the heart of the Brisbane city district. For all of you who didn’t see my Insta Stories, we Nick & I arrived at the hotel we were guided up to the 2nd floor where our double room awaited up and boy was it amazing.



All of these are local produce from Brisbane – and yes that lollipop is vegan!

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When it comes to boutique hotels like this it really comes down to all the little details – from how comfy the bed is to the decoration. The photo on the wall behind the bed heads is a snap from the power house in Brisbane, which for those who aren’t local is a artistic hub for gallery showings & performances. Even the snacks in the mini bar were local and the artwork on the cushions. It’s so great to see this new hotel supporting our local culture & community for every traveller to experience in the comfort of their hotel.


Later that night we were treated to a fashion show that showcased some of James St finest designers from Gorman, Camilla to Gail Sorronda. Hosted & styled by two of the most fabulous fashionista’s in town Kimberly Gardner & Joshua Jones – who I am lucky enough to work with. The show was full of fun & laughter – it was just as if it was reunion of all those who love fashion in Brisbane.

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After the show I caught up with a few of my local blogging buddies and headed off to bed – the next day was a busy one so I needed sleep! The beds were like clouds and the shower – oh my goodness it was all marble with super food beauty products that I fell in love with. Trust me I woke up very, very refreshed!




The next day we had a styling workshop with the lovely ladies from Camilla and it was so much fun – we learnt about how their garments were made, how to style a kaftan in many many ways and how their prints come to life. It was so refreshing to relax and take in all this information¬†about such a iconic Australian label. If you haven’t visited the Camilla store or website you must – check it out here.



In the Camilla zone – picture thanks to mega babe Kate from Pretty Dresses In The Laundry


Having a laugh – Stacey from Fashion Weekly, Fiona from Fifideluxe and Kimberly from Cocom PR


The only surfboard I want – except for the Chanel!

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As you can probably tell from the images I really enjoyed my visit to Camilla and I truly want that jacket! They have some beautiful bomber jackets coming out next season that I definitely want to get my hands on! All and all the experience thanks to the lovely ladies at Cocom PR was sublime. From start to finish – I would suggest the Sage Hotel to anyone wanting to be local in Brisbane when in town. You can visit their website here or follow them on Instagram @sagejamesstreet¬†– oh and they have FREE WIFI who doesn’t love free wifi?