#TALK: PHONE VS. CAMERA – Which one do you prefer?



When it comes to taking snaps on the go what do you turn to?

When it comes to shooting on the go I’m always a sceptic on what is the best tool to have on hand – so I asked you guys yesterday on my Instagram @thefashionheist to let me know what you use. An overwhelming amount of people love phones especially the Samsung one! Because my I am in two minds about this one I’ve written down a pros and cons list for our cameras


Image from Giphy

Image from Giphy

Now since I have an iPhone this will only be in relation to my iPhone but should work across the board.


  1. Super duper light!
  2. Easy to upload to all social media in the moment
  3. Fit’s easily in your pocket or hand bag
  4. Great for shooting in the daytime
  5. Can also upload animated images, and video quite seamlessly


  1. Not great at night (who likes that nasty flash really)
  2. Battery can get waisted pretty quick especially if you are snap chatting or Insta storying as well
  3. Capturing moving pictures could be quick tricky in low light
  4. In relation to events – could make you look like you are constantly on your phone (have people wondering what is she doing)
  5. Don’t look professional*

*Now let me explain number 5 in a bit more detail – I feel a non-phone camera at events shows you are interested and want to capture what is going on. This is just my personal opinion but it just seems more of a professional approach then just an iphone.


I have two cameras one small and the other medium size – both are Sony Nex series and pretty compact! So it’s quite convenient for me to use. So if you are having camera doubts I suggest those!


  1. Always going to get a sharp image – it’s a camera duh!
  2. Long lasting battery life without losing your phone
  3. You have superior flash for night photography
  4. Just looking professional
  5. Great quality video for later YouTube video use


  1. Can be heavy – if you don’t have a compact DSLR this can be quite a problem when on the go
  2. Memory Card forgetfulness (trust me it happens)! No memory card – no photos
  3. No instant upload – unless you have a wifi camera (which I do and it’s awesome)
  4. Lens deficient – make sure you have a good lens or zoomed in shots can be blurry
  5. Just not knowing how to work your camera*

Let me elaborate on that last note there. If you don’t know your camera a little bit it’s really easy to not get the perfect shot – make sure you practice at home.


  • I definitely turn to my phone more! I really want a new camera for blog photos though, the quality of mine is shocking!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • Ohhh you should get the model I have the Sony Nex7a it’s so good!

  • Great subject! I agree with everything you said love! I unfortunate don’t have a great phone camera, but I did use to take all my Insta shots with my Ipad Mini1, and with proper lightning they were amazing really! (well +some sharpening and filters heh) Now I use my camera (without wifi) and its sometimes really pain in the ass. lol

    • Never used an iPad – must take some pretty neat pictures! Yeah it’s quite annoying when your camera doesn’y have wifi but otherwise it’s pretty great!

  • I love my phone camera!! It’s amazing 🙂
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  • Andreea Birsan

    Hard to pick between the two of them! I love taking my blog pictures with a camera, would carry it around all the time, but as you’ve pointed out it’s too heavy to do that. Have a lovely start of the week! x


    • I know right?! I think having a small DSLR camera is pretty easy to carry around 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Rach

    I love DSLR but they are annoying to carry around. I should invest in a travel size one!


  • ViolaRoth

    Great post, I love with a camera! 🙂
    Please check out my blog too. That are absolutely stunning photos!

  • Alya Mooro

    Very interesting!! I always struggle with this too, it’s quite stressful always needing to create good content, ha!

    Alya / moorizZLA xx