More than just a dream with Morrisday

An interview with @morrisdaythelabel

With the wind in my hair and the sand in my toes, I had the most magical day with Azar Image shooting this summer dress from Morrisday. It is always refreshing to showcase designs from my homeland Australia. Based in Sydney, this Australian fashion label offers all things beautifully simplistic for the sophisticated women. So I wanted to see how the label came together and learn more about Morrisday the label.


TFH: What was the catalyst behind the creation of Morrisday?

MDL: Morrisday was born out of a lifelong love of fashion and femininity. Having grown up around fashion, creating a fashion label was a natural step. Since the brands inception in September 2015, it has been so exciting seeing it grow and receiving such positive feedback from our wonderful customers

TFH: Where do you seek inspiration for each collection?

MDL: Inspiration for Morrisday comes from the world around us. I love learning about different cultures and my travels somehow always find their way into designs. Releasing 6-8 collections a year, we have a constant mood board of international trends, cultures, travels and colours that inspire us and then our collections come from there.

TFH: Why the name Morrisday?

MDL: Morrisday was inspired by the melodic vocal stylings of Dorris Day and her song “Que Sera, Sera” (Whatever will be, will be)

TFH: How do you create the perfect design?

MDL: Each collection begins with creating our key shapes and colours from our inspiration board. Each style then evolves from there and once the preliminary collection has been finalised, the whole team gets together for a review. It’s always exciting receiving the first samples of each style and then perfecting it for the final design.

TFH: What is your favourite piece from your latest collection?

MDLThe Olivia Sheer Dress in Marble is my favourite. I love anything and everything Marble and the net detail in this dress is just gorgeous.

TFH: What is your perfect getaway?

MDLAn island paradise. While I love the fast paced environment of the city, nothing beats relaxing on a beach with nothing but sunshine and sea.

TFH: Favourite song at the moment?

MDLAnything from Years & Years!

TFH: Any words of wisdom to share with future fashion designers?

MDLNever stop learning and moving forward. The creative and fashion industries move so quickly so it is important to always keep coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep your brand fresh and exciting.



Keep up with Morrisday on their website & Instagram @morrisdaythelabel