Sea Salt fun with Kester Black

Sea Salt fun with Kester Black


Photography by myself

There’s nothing more refreshing the smell of the Australian sea salt in the morning, always reminds me of the times my grandfather and I would head to Cottesloe beach in Western Australia. It’s that innocence of morning where everything is calm and serene, which Kester Black has magically encased in this soap bar, with funky packaging by Beci Orpin.

Australian made, vegan and free from all those nasty parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, animal cruelty free and palm oil! (Yes!) This beauty is one of my beauty favourites for the week. With it’s creamy coconut oil and sea salt blend, this soap is hard not to like.

Get one here @ Kester Black for $14

Keep an eye out for my next Kester Black fave!