#ISTHISREAL and 3 ways to be more ethical in fashion

Undress Runways is awakening us today

When it comes to fashion we have been taught by fashion companies to be detached from the source of where our clothes come from. Just like our food, just like the materials that are used to construct your phone, have you ever wondered where it all comes from? Undress Runways has always made it their mission to shed light on the voiceless victims in the fashion industry. They have made myself more empowered to make the right choice when I go shopping to ask questions and be aware that all brands are created equal. So here my trio of tips, to help you on your path to a more ethical approach to fashion.

1. Shop locally


Go out to your local strip of retailers and look for the independent boutiques, featuring emerging designers or even a quick google will do the trick. You will be so surprised of the many killer labels that not only are from your home town but have an ethical or sustainable approach to fashion. (You could literally be the Blair Waldorf of your home town) Undress have an amazing list of Australian online retailers you can check out here. Hot top! For all the girls who are on the go, my top three that are available internationally online are The Great Beyond (my own sustainable fashion label), The Reformation and KowTow.

2. Ask Questions


Don’t be afraid to send an email or start a chat online with your favourite retailer asking the simple question “does your brand try to implement ethical practices?” or “is your brand ethical?”. It’s these small little actions that can make a bigger difference in your knowledge of the subject but help your favour brand be more aware that their consumer wants them to make the change or let you know they are ethical. You’ll be surprised at what brands you already shop do make considerable efforts to make sure everything is safe from design to finished product.

3. Be Aware


We all want to live in a world of where children, adults, animals and all creatures great or small are safe. I have found the act of simply being aware can be one of the most powerful tools you will ever possess. Do your research, rely on independent journalism, ask questions to enlighten your day to day fashion choices.

Remember liberating yourself with knowledge, can and will aid in liberation of others. Undress Runways have written a fabulous article expanding on the topic of Child Labour here.

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