Azar Image & my new collection for The Great Beyond and how it came to life with gifs! Trust me it’s a riveting story, 1 year in the making ladies & gents.

It was a year’s worth of preparation but we got there in the end. I am so thrilled that our limited edition range is out for everyone to see in all it’s glory. As some of you may know, The Great Beyond is my vegan & sustainable bamboo clothing line with my partner Nick Azar (who is my photographer & superpartner!). So here’s the lowdown on how CASSIOPEIA bamboo clothing collection came to be.

1. We thought we need COLOUR, something fresh and new to us. That’s where we drew inspiration from the skies and thought of Rose Quartz & Serenity Blue. I mean look at the sky who wouldn’t want to wear that?

2. Nick designed away, (I can’t technical draw to save my life!) and created all these designs. We were really inspired by women in street-style fashion so we took pieces of that and turned it into our own. This takes quite sometime as you have to create measurements and make sure you can actually get in the garment!

3. Fabric production & manufacturer hunt! This process is probably the longest, as we are a sustainable fashion brand we must find people who share the same views. Sustainable means – conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. That’s how we found Fanny Lam & Wujiang Tuoxin Fabric. You can read up about these two amazing teams here.

4. The dance! Back & forth with samples & fittings – until everyone is satisfied. This is so IMPORTANT, without this dance we can’t test the quality and wearability of each design. Because what you dream up on paper doesn’t always work out in the physical.

5. The arrival of product – check through and try on again (aka me shopping). Seriously I have it all in my wardrobe right now and it’s kinda my final check on the garments to see how my experience wearing them goes.

6. The photo shoot which you can see above with the lovely Brisbane model Jazmin. Isn’t she amazing? We keep our shoot teams quite small and we shot this all on Christmas eve!

7. The launch – so here we are! Check it out ladies & gents here.

Mariah is right, it is the (one) most important event that’s ever happened (in my life)! You can shop the range here – and I’ll be sharing a NZ travel post featuring my favourite two pieces later in the week!

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OH! Let me know your favourite piece in the comments below please