The Business of Fashion: How to write a business email

How to get a response from fashion brands or clients and key points you must remember!


Writing emails is definitely a favourite of mine, I take extreme pleasure in being able to effectively get my message across to the client, friend or publication I wish to communicate with. Now it’s not always easy getting an email format down pat, working as the Brand Manager of @wearethegreatbeyond I’ve seen my fair share of oddly typed e-mails. But hey! Don’t stress, there is always room for improvement. So from my experience on both The Fashion Heist and The Great Beyond I feel I have some handy tips I can share, so lets get started with how to write a business email.

Tip 1 – Get a footer with a logo and interactive links!

Example below


Now I love to keep my email sign out light & fun, so it’s up to you what you sign off as but include interactive linking to your website & social media platforms. I put them in order of popularity. And if you don’t have logo just your name is fine in the beginning. Where I got my icons is Icon Finder, super great website for free icons. Depending on your email serve (mine is Gmail) you will need to manually do this all in settings for your email.

Tip 2 – Make a point!


The is super duper important! Sometimes when people email they forget to get straight to the point. If you want to take photographs of their clothes, tell them exactly what you want and what you will give them. Like this example email below for contacting a clothing brand you wish to collaborate with

I would love to offer my services to ______ to create a 5 – 8 image photo shoot with these designs below

Link 1 

Link 2

This will be featured on my website _______ and on my social media platforms below

1 x Instagram Post on 

1 x Facebook Link

1 x Twitter Post

My photographer is _____ and my make up artist is ______

Brands will appreciate that you have a action plan and know exactly what you are doing with their products. So make sure all your links are clickable and easy for the brand to get an exact idea of what type of work you create.

Tip 3 – List it!

Just as the previous tip, when responding to an email look at it and find out what are the key points they want you to address. Then list it in the email and write your response. Plus you will know you haven’t miss any important questions or points they made.

Tip 4 – Get the name right


You would be surprised how many people email me calling me Aisha, Laura, Jane or what ever. It’s super surprising especially that with one click to my about page, they would see my name is Aicha Robertson. So from the word go, I’m already apprehensive towards the person emailing me. Just do your research on the brand, get their name right. Important note here fashion bloggers, a brand’s Instagram handle isn’t always the brands name.

Tip 5 – Introduce yourself… properly


Don’t be afraid to straight out say “My name is ____ from _____,” it’s really that simple. Plus you will make sure who ever you are contacting will never forget your name.

Tip 6 – Say Thank You


Well maybe don’t say Thank You to alcohol but remember to say thank you for their time. Remember reading an email takes time, so if you haven’t met before just say “Thank you for your time”. Not only will the receiver understand that you understand how precious a commodity time is but they will appreciate it. Thank you’s are hard to come by in emails, so make sure you don’t forget!

Well I hope this little crash course in how to write a business email has helped. Got any questions type them out in the comments below or want to suggest a topic let me know also!