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My photography edit tips for fashion bloggers

Fashion bloggers and editing photos is so common place these days, whether it’s a filter or photoshop we are all doing it! And you know what? Despite what online media says about it, it is okay to do. Because it’s your channel, your art and what you want to portray to your readers. My words of wisdom when it comes to editing photos is “enhance your true beauty” meaning don’t lose yourself in the image but bring yourself out! For example check out below – that is my before and after in Lightroom.

Why do I make these changes & how do I keep it true to myself? Check out my tips below

1. Leave your mark

Calling all surface blurrers and skin softening tool using ladies out there, let loose a little! Don’t hide every imperfection because those imperfections make you who you are! I have marks on my leg as you an see in the above image in both edits and you know what? It’s all good, most people don’t even notice and if they do they are probably only going to think about it for a split second.

2. Work with image tones

You really need to read each image you create and make sure that you can adapt for each situation. A lot of fashion bloggers go for the same tone, same look each time – which is great but aren’t you limiting yourself from all the potential beauty you could create?

There’s nothing more fun than Nick & I finding a new location and then having to adapt our editing skills to bring out the best in that image. The same filter wont work with each image so switch it up! My hot tip for darker skin tones is playing around with yellow & oranges and with lighter skin mixing with the pink colours works quite well.

For example in the image below I added a brown tint, not something I do often but it suited the image tone & mood. Always try something different when editing, don’t sit still!

3. Observe others

One of the best pieces of editing advice I was given was to “reference my editing style” meaning grab my favourite editorials and match that! Seriously it really helps if you look at other images you like and the tones within in them. My favourite editorials to reference are Elle Poland, very crisp editorial edits.

4. Learn Lightroom

I used to be a die hard photoshop fan but I felt I got too wrapped up in cleaning up every little blemish so I moved to Lightroom. It’s a great fast editor and you can save a preset with all your settings so you can adjust each image from a shoot swiftly and easily.

That’s just a quick few tips but I hope they help! If you want me to discuss more tips like this, comment below!