#TALKEmail Killed The Talent Manager


This thought came over me the other day when thinking about social media managers – I’ve worked with 2 companies and both were not that great. It’s quite a personal thing my business about how I approach it and I feel not any tom, dick or harry can do it. Especially emails, emails are just another form of my verbal expression and how can I surrender that to anyone else? Or maybe this is the sign I am a control freak too. I believe this isn’t the case for myself, because forcing myself to negotiation, chase payments and learn how to express my self via email is something so invaluable. It builds up my business experience for the future and I consider this a major bonus. The social media landscape is always changing and it’s always great to have a grasp on the reality of business.

When discussing this on my Instagram the other night – someone mentioned people like the Kardashians who have managers but do keep it in the family. But in the realm of being just an “Instagram celebrity” or “fashion blogger” wouldn’t it be better to self manage or have someone internal rather than an external agency? As you can tell I do not have the answer to this, but I do have experience to be on the receiving end of talent managers from agencies and sometimes their approach isn’t right. There is only so much they can do also to know you inside and out, let’s be honest no one knows your ”brand” better than you.

A lot of brands are wary of talent managers from agencies too, which isn’t too great.  It could be because a) cutting out costs from the middle man or b) want to work direct with the talent. Because sometimes fees get increased because of their commission that brands do not want to pay or maybe they would prefer to see the person display authentic interest in the product or collaboration. These are things to consider when turning to external management when a fashion blogger – because is the amount of emails we receive that bad to handle or manage?
The main problem I had when someone managed me externally that I didn’t know well was my jobs and invites stopped (free ones), they didn’t negotiate well and I felt out of control of my passion. Now this could come down to bad management, which in my opinion it was. But in the world of social media marketing, brands and social media agencies are wary of us when it comes to fulfilling jobs and whether we are authentic and I have those exact concerns with managers. Will they forward all emails or only the ones they have monetary gain or exposure from?

Let’s get real – the bottom line is will you make me advance in my career and if you aren’t advancing within 6 – 12 months of being with an agency why stay? Especially when us fashion bloggers have the capability to look after ourselves or hire our own team (if you’re that big) and last but not least get your bestie or family involved – works for the Kardashians. Yes it might be extra work but if there is anything my life has taught me hard work and invested time pays off.

Seriously let me know your thoughts and experiences – I would love to know.