DFO Brisbane – Favourite Fashion Pieces for Winter

I was invited again to DFO Brisbane to showcase some of my favourite items. Alongside with Sylvia Jeffery’s I found some amazing pieces at a great price point. When it comes to winter in Queensland you have to dress for our kind of weather which is quite unpredictable. Hot one moment and then raining the next!

Yes! That is truly what it is like but it’s great because you develop a truly unique style. And that’s why I love DFO Brisbane so much it really caters for all kind of seasons whilst still being on trend.


Check out below Sylvia and I shopping at one of my favourite DFO Brisbane stores!



Simply click here & comment how you would style Sylvia’s Blue Esprite Blazer for the chance to win a $100 gift voucher for DFO Brisbane!

My number one tip for when you are shopping at DFO is to look for key pieces. Key pieces (or hero pieces if you wish) are a perfect way to bring a look together. As you noticed in the video with Sylvia one of my top 10 pieces was a kimono from Bardot. Kimonos are a great trans-seasonal piece for really any body shape or age!

This gorgeous piece is quite the stand out! With the classic kimono cut and gold embroidery you can’t go wrong. You can find this piece at Bardot in DFO Brisbane.

Another thing I love doing is finding vegan friendly accessories. And at DFO Brisbane it is super duper easy! On the left (below) we have these cute Rubi shoe heels that only costed $15.00. Yes! You read that right 🙊 – it’s too good to be true. Also it’s a size 42 for all you tall ladies out there. On the right we have a simple and chic Seed Heritage Bag accessorised with a gold tassel. All vegan friendly.

And here is a little handy tip for those out there who love a choker. This DIY took basically 2 minutes. Cut the collar of your band tee, keep it intact. Then cut off the tags & voilà you have a DIY choker. I just tied mine at the back and it perfectly matched my band tee from Cotton On.

Love the look? You can shop it all now at DFO Brisbane!

Top – Cotton On

Skirt & Kimono – Bardot

Bag & Tassle – Seed Heritage

Shoes – Rubi

Blog post sponsored by DFO Brisbane