BVLGARI Store Opening – “Love Story” Exhibition at Pacific Fair

It’s not every day that you get to sit down and enjoy a delish breakfast with Bvlgari but on a few weeks ago I actually did! It was an intimate setting of about 20 or so people at their new stand alone store at one of my favourite shopping centres Pacific Fair. From luxury jewels to golden painted fruits that covered the tables the morning was a beautiful success!

The event was not only to celebrate the opening of this prestigious store but a collaboration between Bvlgari and The Wedding Series Australia. The Wedding Series Australia created a beautiful series of images with influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews called Love Story. You can view more of that here and see the behind the scenes video below.


the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8698 the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8699 the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8704

Yes – they brought the vegan goods!

the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8737 the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8736 the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8734 the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8733

Oh hey! Can you spot me?

the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8732 the-fashion-heist-fashion-bvlgari-8724

All in white with Fiona from Fifideluxe



SO basically after this shot was taken I was flown to Rome and became a princess the end! Oh I wish but I sure felt like a princess – the whole experience was beyond beautiful! Thank you to Bvlgari & The Wedding Series Australia for a simply splendid morning. You can check the behind the scenes video below and watch me laugh alot! Enjoy!