Welcome to my Australian Fashion Week 2017 Wrap Up!

So I am re-counting my experience at Australian Fashion Week. Starting with my first day at Carriageworks with fellow bloggers Yvette from Fashion Evolve and Fiona from Fifideluxe! The energy at Sydney Fashion Week was buzzing but their was a great sense of happiness this year. People were out in their finest attires and dancing to the clicks of the street style paparazzi as per usual. As Nick said “it’s like a rare bird sighting” – watching men and women alike come out and strut their stuff.

Now this year I am going to be truthful – I am going to spill my guts about all things Fashion Week Sydney. Yes – it might not be what everyone else is saying but it’s my truth. This year the crowd was a tad smaller but more welcoming – it’s always like a reunion. Although tensions are always high due to us fashion bloggers not really knowing where we stand with PR companies and brands. Yes this might be a surprise, I mean we turn up to shows, take photos and post them up online. (Well most of us do) And to be brutally honest sometimes I feel like why am I doing this? When sometimes your efforts seem to go unnoticed.


Although it feels like that occasionally – this year was a different. I was approached by some of my favourite brands to experience their brand start to finish which was great! Trust me there is rewards for hard work. And if you are doing what you love it honestly feels the best! I love fashion especially Australian Fashion. Fashion Week is the moment you can see each designers vision come to life on a runway – it’s such a elating experience. And I feel I need to share that experience with you. But unfortunately I don’t go to every show because a) you get tired and b) girl needs an invitation first! It’s pretty hilarious when I look back and wonder why I got so tired from watching shows and taking photos with Nick.

The beautiful Sammy Robinson rocking Shona Joy
Visit her Youtube channel here
This photographer was rocking it!
Mega babe Isabella being incredible! Always a pleasure seeing her at Fashion Week
Website here | Instagram
You already know who it is – Margaret Zhang!
On this day I wore two outfits – the first on up was my Dion Lee red dress, paired back with Dion Lee boots and black jacket courtesy of Fiona! It’s funny how one thing can finish your look.

As I did last year – I’ve written up reviews on each show. So let our journey begin now find below your adventure. Each show is complimented with a video from the runway – it’s all very exciting!


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